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The story begins…

This is for grit, gear, and racing.

We’re purveyors of everything you need for your race weekend. We’re all about connecting NASCAR fans to their passion for camping, partying, chilling, grilling, and of course, those goosebumps you get when you hear the rumble of multiple stock car engines ready to commit to hundreds of laps.

Race Weekend Supply is the one vital source for connecting fans to items that will enhance their experience, whether at the campground or at the track.

There’s truly nothing else like Race Weekend Supply.

After spending a number of seasons camping at Michigan International Speedway, we had a number of (somewhat sober) conversations with other fans about the lack of tailgating storefronts specifically for NASCAR fans. Therefore, we committed to changing that. RWS is the first and only site dedicated to those who have a passion for camping at the races.

After getting the site up and running at the beginning of 2019, our goal has been to feature the finest, whackiest, and most interesting products for race fans to use over the weekend. RWS was born in the USA and will always be based in the USA. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about cheap imitation products from foreign countries breaking after their first use. All of our products are guaranteed authentic.

If you do find an issue with your product, please read the FAQ or contact us.

We hope that you love browsing through our product catalogs. We’ve also created an in-depth schedule of events at every official NASCAR track, as well as specific information for each track, ranging from accommodations to some of the history behind the track.

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Now what are you waiting for? Let’s get supplying your weekend!

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