CZ-HB Sport Motorized Cooler (out of stock)

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Have you ever wanted to reach speeds up to 13 MPH sitting on top of an ice chest full of beer?

Look no further than the CZ-HB Sport Motorized Scooter.

This is the first and last motorized ice chest you’ll ever need. You can even tow the 52 Series Coolagon Cooler behind!


Out of stock


The CZ-HB Sport Motorized Cooler is the first of its kind. It’s meant to get you from your first step to your last stop without ever having to leave sight of your cooler.

We wouldn’t recommend taking it out on the road, but in the situation where you need to go from campsite to campsite, it’s simply perfect. Everyone will know who you are when you ride up on your motorized ice chest.

The CZ-HB Sport Motorized Cooler comes with a 50 quart ice chest, a removable battery pack, 10″ pneumatic tires, LED head lights and tail lights, a horn, duel brakes, three speed settings, and a port to charge your phone.

Designed to hold up to 300 pounds and 24 cans of beer with a bag of ice, you’ll be the life of the campground.

What more could you want?


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