Daiquiri Whacker Gas Powered Drink Blender

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With a little liquor, some crushed ice, 2-cycle gasoline, and good rev of the engine, you could be making mixed drinks for your friends in minutes! It’s not just about the beverages, it’s about letting everyone around you know that you’ve got the coolest blender on the planet.

$499.00 $425.00


Have you ever wanted to blend something in a place where no one has blended before? Rest assured. We’ve got you covered. The Daiquiri Whacker is a gas powered drink blender that packs a punch.

“Did someone say punch? Better have tequila in it…”

That’s right! Make all of your favorite mixed drinks with the rev and roar of a Homelite 26cc Mighty Lite™ engine. With Homelite’s patented Zip Start™ technology, you’ll find that the motor is twice as easy to pull and quicker to start up!

And the best part? The Daiquiri Whacker is cheaper than any other gas powered blender you’ll find on the market.

Order now and you’ll get the full Daiquiri whacker set up, including an Oster glass jar and hours of fun.

Impress your spouse, impress your friends, impress your grandma, and let the whole community know that you’ve got yourself a high-powered Daiquiri Whacker gas powered blender!


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