Ladder Ball

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The first to 21 wins!

Ladder Ball is the backyard and tailgating game of choice.

This is a game of both chance and strategy, and you can easily involve the whole party into a heated competition of lassoing your balls around the steel frame 15 feet away.



Sometimes called Ladder Golf, Ladder Toss, or Dangle Balls, this quick-to-setup lawn game is the backyard hooligan’s game of choice. Ladder Ball will engage your friends and family for hours into heated competitions of swinging roped balls (bolos) and chucking them 15 feet. Bonus points if you ring your opponents’s ankles!

No more cheap PVC games, our Ladder Ball game is made of steel! Sturdy, durable, and suitable for any outdoor space, you’ll have a blast letting your balls hang, while also trying to knock your friend’s balls out of scoring position.

The set includes two full steel ladder setups and three roped balls of each color. Both are red, white, and blue themed because, let’s face it, Ladder Ball (aka Dangle Balls) is the most American you can get when it comes to lawn games.

Although widely debated, we suggest that the top rung is worth 3 points, the middle is 2, and the lower is 1 point. The first to 21 is the winner.

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