Lawn Darts

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The classic game is back, and it’s less dangerous than before!

Have fun with your friends by tossing these plastic tipped darts toward a small target at a distance of your choosing.

Set includes two red darts, two blue darts, two targets, and instructions (in case you were sheltered as a child).



Remember your childhood of throwing dangerous spiked darts near your friends in order to hit a small target on the ground?

Well, we’re bringing that game back, and it’s less dangerous than ever!

Now you don’t have to fear the probability of skewering someone while you drunkenly wail a metal spike though the air. This classic dart game follows the same rules as ever, but the game has been modified by adding plastic tips to the ends of the darts. It’s easy to learn and the quick play rules make it an exciting game for everyone.

Players attempt to land their darts in a target area to score points and win.

This set includes two red darts, two blue darts, two targets, and instructions.


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