Raging Bull Remote Control Pickup Truck

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It’s just like the truck that ol’ grandpappy used to drive!

The Raging Bull Pickup Truck is the solution to that varmit problem you’ve been dealing with.

Includes instructions and rules for 5 Mother Truckin’-Varmint Smashin’ games!




  • Featuring the looks of grandpappy’s old pickup, weathered body and fenders, beefy tires and working suspension. Looks awesome when BUMPER STICKERS, TRUCK DING and ROADKILL SCORING DECALS are applied.
  • Includes 3 break apart varmit targets for smashin’ and gameplay. ROADKILL GAMES featured with instructions.  Split the Squirrel – Grill the Armadillo – Plunk the skunk.
  • Customize your pickup with 10 extra self-adhering bumper sticker and truck ding decals
  • Full function remote controller drives forward, back, left and right to tickle tight turns and smoke straight-a-ways.
  • Collectible: 1:24 scale, 27 MHz
  • Battery Operated (4 AAA for truck + 2 AA for remote controller – not included)
  • Perfect GIFT for REDNECKs, uncles, neighbors, 3rd cousins and kids 12+ who love to laugh…RC and Hobby car enthusiasts too.


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