Ring Toss

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Bring the carnival to the campground!

Any worthy collection of backyard lawn games is incomplete if it doesn’t include ring toss.

First to 21 wins! Red = 1 point, Blue = 2 points, Yellow = 3 points.



Is okay if you just really love carnivals and/or fairs. We do too!

That’s why we’re featuring this ring toss game as a worthy addition to your lawn game collection.

It’s all the fun of a carnival, minus the carnies. And yes, prizes are included! The prizes are all the smiles you’ll share with your friends while competing in a fierce game of ring toss. The game is made even better under the influence (as long as you’re 21+). Think otherwise?

Try tossing a swirling disc a few yards to ring a colored post. Chances are, you’ll be bouncing your rings off of trees and foreheads in order to score most of your points.

Rings are 5″ in diameter. Base measures 16.5″ x 16.5″.

Ready to play? First to 21 wins! Red = 1 point, Blue = 2 points, Yellow = 3 points.


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