Score Tower

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The all-in-one double-sided scoreboard built to hold your drinks and keep track of who’s winning.

Applicable for all lawn games, the Score Tower comes in two variations: the Single Tower (holds 2 drinks) and the Combo Drinkholder (holds 4 drinks).

You can also add the Tailgater Stand onto your order for setting up the Score Tower on any hard surface.


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The Score Tower is a free-standing double-sided scoreboard essential for keeping score in your lawn games. Whether it’s cornhole, ladder ball, ring toss, or lawn darts, the Score Tower is your best option for keeping score while you imbibe chilled beverages.

Can’t remember what your score was the turn before your current one? You don’t have to worry with the Score Tower being placed visibly between you and your opponent.

Even better, the Score Tower comes with two (yes, two!) drink holders placed at a conveniently reachable location. It’s simply ideal for thirsty lawn game players. If you’re playing in teams, invest in the Combo Drinkholder option in order to keep two more beverages chilled and at a reachable location.

If you’re playing on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt, you can also invest in the Tailgater Stand for setting the Score Tower up in any place imaginable.

The Score Tower easily pushes into the ground and the stake is made of heavy gauge steel with a black powder coat. The scoreboard is made from all-weather plastic designed to stand up to all levels of outdoor use.

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Combo Drinkholder, Single Tower

Additional Components

Tailgater Stand


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