Tailgate Party Remote Control Pickup Truck

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Thrash and smash 7 different mascot “targets” with this remote control Tailgate Party Pickup.

Includes a full functioning remote control for driving forwards, backwards, left and right.

Destroy tiny figurines of your most hated mascots and hold the power in your hands!




Whether it’s college gameday, or playing hooky from work, this remote control pickup truck is hard to put down.

The Tailgate Party Pickup Truck comes looking like a real party-mobile. It’s got a weathered body and fenders, beefy tires, a working suspension, vanity plates, and expired parking tickets on the windshield. But wait…what’s this? There’s also a full party-tub in the back to make it the ultimate tailgating truck.

The Tailgate Party Pickup comes with BUMPER STICKERS that can be applied anywhere on the vehicle. We’ll also throw in 7 mascot “targets” for smashin’ and thrashin’ during your tailgate party.

With the full function remote control, you’ll be able to drive and steer forward, backward, left and right, while you tickle tight turns and smoke straight-a-ways.

It’s the perfect toy for tailgating at the races, college gamedays, childrens’ birthday parties, or virtually anywhere else that you can think of to drive around an RC car and smash into tiny mascot targets.

By the way, it’s battery operated! (4AAA for truck + 2AA for remote control – not included)


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