Topple Tower

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54 high-quality wood game pieces with an ability to be stacked up to 4 feet.

Just like your favorite brand name wood stacking game, but bigger!

Comes with a soft-sided, durable, zip-top carrying case.



Do you remember that popular wood stacking game that made you feel nervousness, excitement, and a slight sense of frustration all at the same time?

Well, we’re bringing you the deluxe-sized version!

Made of high-quality, precision-cut wood, these 54 game pieces start out stacking at 23 inches, and have the possibility to stack up to 4 feet. Perfect indoor or outdoor, at the campground or in the parking lot, this jumbo-sized wood stacking game will have you biting your lip in sheer excitement.

The Topple Tower comes ready-to-play and ships with a durable, soft-sided, zip-top carry case.


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